Friday, August 15, 2014

A Room With A View

This morning I looked out my bedroom window like I do every morning. Even before I watch the weather, I wonder what kind of day it's going to be. Is it going to be cloudy or is the sky going to be clear? It wasn't until my husband asked me what I was staring at that I realized I must have been standing there daydreaming again. What's new, right? It's just that I don't have a great view from any of the windows in my apartment, although there are only windows in the front and the back. So either I'm looking at the apartments across the street or I'm looking at trees and grass. I guess if I'm thinking positive like Pollyanna, I could say that at least I'm not staring at a dumpster or a huge brick wall. I just can't help but imagine, though. What would it be like to wake up every morning to an amazing view?
Pepe Calderin Design- Tuba TANIK
*A view from the window
I love the view from here ~ Miss J.

View from my window...

Living Room with a View #home #sothebysliving

That view!!!

Writing Desk


view #window

So tell me, what do you see when you look out of your window?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pesto Ranch Chicken

gordon ramsay meme lamb is not cooked

Hello again. Okay, I'm not actually making lamb, but I just can't stop laughing at that. What I did make however, was chicken... Pesto Ranch Chicken to be exact. I found the recipe on Pinterest and since it was a crock pot meal, I was immediately on board. I love making meals in my crock pot and trust me, it just doesn't get any easier than this.

I had never tasted pesto before so I was really excited to give this a try. The good thing was that I only needed to buy two ingredients. I already had a pack of chicken in the freezer and there is usually a can of chicken broth standing by in the cabinet.


8 chicken thighs, boneless, skinless
1 6 oz. jar of pesto sauce
1/2 cup chicken broth
1 package Ranch dressing seasoning mix

The recipe calls for boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Like I said, I already had a pack of thighs, but they weren't boneless. I just removed the skin which worked just as good.

Add those chicken thighs right to the crock pot.

Since the 8 thighs were swimming in my larger crock pot, I ended up using my smaller one instead.

Pour in the jar of pesto sauce.

Sprinkle your ranch seasoning mix on the top.

Pour in the chicken broth.

Stir gently to combine all the ingredient and close the lid.

Turn crock pot to high setting and cook on high 3-4 hours or on low 6-8 hours.

Then add whatever sides you like. I made rice and peas with mine. Enjoy and have an awesome day!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Laundry Room Makeover

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Today, I'm sharing some pictures of my finished laundry room. This is what the laundry room looked like when we first moved into our apartment and it continued to look the same way a full year later. For a long time, I just really didn't even know what to do with this room because to me, it was more like a laundry closet than a laundry room. I mean look at it. It's extremely small with very limited space. There isn't even additional space to fold clothes or iron. Not to mention, there aren't any windows or cabinets and since we're renting I can't have any installed. I also really hate that ugly wire shelf that extends from one end of the wall to the other and there is no floor space to place a hamper, stool or laundry cart.

It's also a very awkward layout. Notice how the washing machine is pushed out much further because of the hoses behind it. So, although the laundry room was fully functional, it wasn't pretty. I stored the vacuum cleaner, the broom, mop and bucket in there and called it a day. Now, over a year later, I'm tired of a room that's blah and I needed to do something to spruce it up a little.  
I knew it had to be a low budget project so I used some things I already had. For instance, I already had a rug that I bought on clearance while we were living in our last apartment. That red rug became the inspiration for the room. What better color would liven up such a dull space? 
This is the chalkboard that used to sit on my kitchen counter.
Once I purchased my juicer, there wasn't room for it there anymore, so it was shoved in a closet for a while. It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that I figured painting it, would make it work in the laundry room. So, I started sanding all of the green paint off....
... Then I painted it red. 
  I think it works great on the shelf. 
Now, do you remember that little project that I was working on? Well, this is the room that I needed that red fabric for and once it was added, the space felt complete. So, this is what the laundry room looks like now.  
I even found a good place to store all of my grocery store bags.
And After...
 This is what you see when you look to the right...
... And the left.
I'm so happy with the results and I can finally cross this room off of my to do list. Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at my little laundry room. Well, I've gotta go. There's laundry to be washed... lol. Have a wonderful week... :) 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Road Of Life


What can I say, hubby loves chocolate and I love hubby, so some days are like this.

Today after my husband disappeared into his man cave to practice playing his guitar, I went into the living room and watched an old episode of House. It wasn't long before I remembered why I stopped watching it a while back. Although it was a good show, it was just so predictable.

So, I kissed my better half good-bye and decided it was time to run an errand. I went to JoAnn Fabrics. My goodness, there was so much to choose from, but what I really wanted was red fabric.

I also needed some kind of trim. I really liked the lace, but with so many choices, it was hard to decide.

Confession, I couldn't sew even if you offered to pay me, so I needed all the help I could get.

By the way, this is the fabric and trim that I ended up choosing. I paid for my purchases hoping that I made the right choice. We'll see...

Okay, Heat n Bond is an iron on adhesive that is supposed to be perfect for non sewers like me. The tape was wider than I needed so I ended up cutting the strip in half. Then I laid it on the back of the fabric and ironed it for a couple of seconds until it stayed in place.

Next, I pulled the backing off of the strip and proceeded to stick the adhesive side down on the fabric.

I only worked on one small section at a time ironing each small portion of fabric until it was completely bonded then I moved on to the next section.
The problem I had with Heat n Bond is that although this product is supposed to be a no sew iron on adhesive only some of the tape stayed in place and some of it didn't, even after it was ironed on. I don't know what went wrong because I followed the directions to a T. 

I started getting frustrated so I pulled my glue gun out of my handy, dandy craft kit and started using that instead. I finally got the results I wanted because it worked so much better than the Heat n Bond.

With that said, you may be wondering what I plan to do with this little project that I'm working on. Well, let's just say that it will all be revealed in my next post. Sorry, no hints, but I'm hoping you'll stay tuned for my big reveal. I hope you all have an awesome weekend... :)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Would you buy that?

Bad Taste. Yuck!

You know, people are selling some really bizarre things online and I just had to share some of these crazy products with you. Now I have to say, this is real merchandise that is really being sold. I just can't help but wonder... is it just me, or is this stuff really out there? I'm sounding like Bob Barker here, but let's start with the very first item:

Underpants for your hands... yea or nay???

Oh and forget the hint of minty freshness. Now you can improve your dental hygiene while enjoying the amazing flavor of crispy fried bacon with Bacon Floss... hmmm.

Or maybe you're looking for just the right shoes to wear to that new Italian restaurant that just opened up in your neighborhood. Yes ladies, it is an actual shoe... :)
Crazy Shoes
Just in case you thought you didn't have enough radiation in your life, Amazon will sell you real uranium ore. Yes, for only $30.00, you can give yourself cancer. FYI... if you buy this product, there is no guarantee you won't end up on the FBI's watch list.
 Uranium For Sale on Amazon


And nothing says home d├ęcor quite like this thunderstorm cloud lamp. It works great as a nightlight, too.

Yeah, that is real placenta. They say that because it feeds babies in the womb, it's a magical formula for dry, brittle hair. All I know is, I'd still be remembering that I'm rubbing placenta all over my head.

Let's see, where would I wear a dress like this... Sunday morning service or dinner at the in laws???
Butterfly dress. Luly Yang. Couldn't resist. Did you know that the Monarch butterfly populations is getting smaller and smaller?
For only $25,000.00 you can have a tiger cub of your very own. Just be sure to watch at least one episode of 'Fatal Attractions' first and keep in mind that these little guys will eventually grow up and love the taste of MEAT.

That is some hat!
Philip Treacy
So what do you think? Are any of these items calling your name???